Spring Into Motion   is an exciting wellness campaign designed to help participants get back into the swing of regular exercise and have fun as they visit fascinating spring locations and events around the world.

A Wellness Program To Get Your Team Into Shape This Spring.

How It Works

Participants track daily minutes or steps while experiencing the physical and mental benefits of outdoor exercise. They aim for a challenging, yet realistic, goal they can maintain for good.

Desktop & Mobile

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Shake off the winter blues and inspire your employees, members, or clients to get out and get moving.


With our desktop site and mobile app, participants can log activities, visit virtual spring locations and events, view recipes and health tips, and track progress on the go.

For Wellness Managers Spring Into Motion is a ready-made campaign that makes planning, promoting, and implementing easy, simple, and fun.

Fun And Motivating Wellness Program.

(2 min)

Team Competition.

Spring Into Motion includes a friendly competition (a proven way to increase participation) where team members contribute toward team success — and have more fun along the way.

Organization branding — your unique URL and logo on every screen.

Have a look at some of the excellent features of the Spring Into Motion wellness campaign.

Online Campaign Features.

MapWalk™ — an easy way to create walking, biking, or jogging routes anywhere.

An exciting virtual journey with descriptions and photos of inspiring spring locations and events around the world.

The Buzz message board for support, inspiration, or to view fitness expert posts.

Daily tips, healthy recipes, and informative articles.


Allison Jubb

I started Spring Into Motion not having done exercise for a very long time. I did my exercises faithfully and watched what I ate. I've lost weight and have dropped pant sizes, and I love to work out now.

Rebekah Fischer


I went from never running more than 2 minutes to running a 5k for the first time during this Spring Into Motion! Remember that even if you are running s-l-o-w-l-y you are running laps around those still on the couch!

*Integration is free with the purchase of 250+ Fitbit   devices. 

Plans & Pricing.


A simple plan to fit your company needs.

1. One-time (per campaign) setup fee.

2. One-time per registrant fee.


4-week Program - $8.45

1. Setup and account management


2. Per registrant fees

6-week Program - $11.51

8-week Program - $12.94


Device Integration (optional) — $799*


One time fee - $2,000

Per Registrant License

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